This Coffee Time.: Solid Coffee Roasters plays Hoops, Art Basel Miami exhibits $1,000 cup of coffee, Barrel Aged Coffee Drams in N.Y.

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1. Longtime Los Angeles barista of Menotti’s for the past eightish years moves on to Owner and Co-CEO of Los Angeles / Chicago Dayglow Coffee which currently has three coffeeshop fronts in existence.

2.Human Made 1928 Café by Blue Bottle in Kyoto released a five-item collection whose logo designs feels like a celebration of the hands of a human, that make what some humans love to make and drink, coffee. These special items were released Nov. 27th.

3. Naming rights are kind of a big deal since it can bring national attention to hard work. Willas Provisions out of Tampa, Florida has been named one of the two Best Coffee Shop in the city by Tampa Magazine using roaster King State’s coffee. If you’re in the city, drip coffee is on the house between 2-4 p.m. til Sunday 12/5.

4. Solid Coffee Roasters partners with Creative Hoop Project to bring their mission of coffee, community and hoops together. Using memories to tell their story, its project creates products around the nostalgia of adolescence to adulthood using basketball, skateboard and logo merch to do so.  For the next two weeks, through December 14th, the roaster’s flagship Artesia location will showcase select projects that ultimately use basketball asa bridge for human connection.”

5. Art Basel Miami Beach has an installation touting that the most expensive cup of coffee to be sold in the world by artist Danny Casale of Coolman Coffeedan. He’ll sell art on individually designed paper cups and coffee – Sidra by roaster Superlost Coffee –  as a combination experience worth $1,000 as part of the exhibit “Ur Special” at The Bagel Club in Wynwood, Miami. There are also single coffees on sale as well limited edition coffee bags in case you don’t want to drop a grand.

6. Melbourne’s Broadsheet released its top cafés of the year and on the list of honorable mentions is Egglab billed as a brekkie-burg0haven. Serving Allpress coffee with standard scenic milk crates to sit on, the takeaway window is worthy of its own visit.

7. Whisky Magazine’s Best Bar in America for the year of 2021 is The Flatiron Room. Its new coffee, The Morning Dram has launched a flight of barrel aged coffee drinks for the spirits drinker. All coffee, no liquor, what a dram!