style: That’s Me in The Garden With

little black dress



Me in the Garden

Living in a digital world, it seems as if having s moment where I’m not attached or hand connected to my phone is impossible  but all things are possible when we choose, right? I believe so. So, here I am, phone in hand, thinking about the coffee I am about to have, a new story collaboration I’m about  to work on and beating New York’s summer heat and humidity working in this beautiful space and shade.

I love a little black dress. Black is kind of everything, especially this summer. Did you see the New York Times story? A few others are navigating the city and the humidity in this color always seem to think so too.  Here, I’m taking a moment to hang in this garden to find a little reprieve in a city known for being a concrete jungle but has places like this, hidden behind storefronts like Clare Vivier and Warby Parker in Cobble Hill. Even though, I choose to live in a digitally connected world, there is something about doing in under  copious amounts of oxygen hovering over me from these green beauties that reminds me how grateful I am to live this life.

Here, I am connected, inspired and alive.  And here, I am enjoying my borough of Brooklyn and thinking of the next coffee front this little black dress will take me too. Neither, will fail me now.

Dress: Vintage, Shareen

Shoes: Thrifted: Beacons Closet via Forever 21