UKBC 2014 SET LIST : ‘Small’ Just Got Larger

Enter a great white lab coat, and the man who dramatically donned it. Accented by a love of coffee, science and the mighty component of any beverage – water – Maxwell Colonna Dashwood, proprietor of coffee shop in Bath after his own name sake, won the title with who he already is every day in the space, online in his blog and through his appearances.

In an impressive showing, he won among four of the worlds best from last year, who were also listed in the top six this year, along with the ‘Coffee Mistress Estelle’ as well as newcomer to the finals race, Dale Harris.

As usual Maxwell gave his routine a sonic journey that rode, rose and hit a crescendo in the way that only he bops and it was dramatically beautifully.  Congrats to him his company.

Now, a resounding quote paired with their set lists as smdlr was able to hear and document it.


Colonna Smalls Dashwood

Colonna & Smalls

“My interest and obsession with the science of water stems from my deep love of coffee.”

1. ‘Jamaica,’ Theme Park

2. ‘Wax,’ Theme Park

3.‘The High Road,’ Broken Bells

4. ‘Shuffle,’ Bombay Bicycle Club


Dale Harris

Has Bean

“I’m a barista. We present coffee for people who pay and enjoy it.”

1. ‘Urbanise,’ 5th Spear

2.’The Duchess,’ Death Valley Song

3. ‘The World is Easy,’ Conte

4. ‘Wake Me Up Remix,’ Conte


Estelle Bright

Caravan ExMouth

“We need to set the bar, not raise it.”

1. ‘Tortue,’ Gramatik Feat Eric Krasno

2. ‘Handwritten,’ The Gaslight Anthem

3. ‘She’s A Lady,’ Tom Jones


John Gordon

Square Mile

“This coffee is no accident at all.”




Joe Meagher

Flat Caps Coffee

“It’s important to get the ratio of steamed milk to espresso correct.”

1. ‘Little Bird,’ Jazzanova

2. ‘1960 What’ Gregory Porter

3. ‘That’s All,’ Seasick


Don Altizo

Baxter Storey

 “I like to be a role model, for baristas and for people behind the scenes.”

1. ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’, Daft Punk

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