UKBC 2013 Set List: Three Times the Champ

The competition was lofty. A stage of players, repeat champs and contenders brought the United Kingdom’s best. John Gordon took his third crown while requiring judges to listen to  pre-arranged Bach music with their own earphones. And, that, in addition to what he provided for the audience. He makes history with his three-time win, and so do the others with music that smdlr thought was one of the best selection of sounds this competition year.

Now, a resounding quote paired with their set lists as smdlr was able to hear and document it.


John Gordon

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

“Eighty percent of our tastes is made up of what we smell.”

1. ‘Wheels’ Fink

2. ‘Warm Shadow’ Fink


Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Colonna & Smalls Specialty Coffee

“Specialty coffee is a culinary product and that’s the difference.”

1. ‘The Fear’ Ben Howard

2. ‘’Crystal Clear’ Opus Orange

3. ‘Center Stage’ Capital Cities

4. ‘Black Keys’ The Only One


Estelle Bright

Caravan Kings Cross

“This coffee is juicy, funky, crazy, a little bit like me, stands out from the crowd.”

1. ‘N.Y. Groove’ Ace Frehley

2. ‘SuperFreak’ Rick James

3.‘Bad Reputation’ Joan Jett

4. ‘MilkShake’ Kellis

5. ‘Can’t Touch This’ MC Hammer


Joe Meagher

Flat Caps Coffee

“I love coffee.”

1. ‘Magic Bus’ The Who

2. ‘Take me To the River’ Talking Heads

3. ‘Burning Down the House’ Talking Heads

4. ‘Lets Work Together’ Wilbert Harrison


Chee Wong

Taylor St. Baristas

“The heat of this room has caused more infusion.”

1. ‘Fix You’ ColdPlay

2. ‘Warm Love’ Van Morrison

3. ‘Starlight’ Muse

4. ‘Feeling Good’ Nina Simone


Don Altizo

Baxter Storey

“Milk… can mute acidity, enhance sweetness.”

1. ’Superstitious’ Stevie Wonder

2. ‘I Need a Dolla” Aloe Blac

3. ‘Pumped Up Kicks”

4. ‘Foster the People‘

5.‘Drive By’ Train

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