che, clinton hill, brooklyn

The drapes suited him and his eyes, the latter had the look of distance in them.   Meet Che.I find him Thanksgiving Eve with all things neatly laid before him on a table.

With neatly clipped bangs that almost hit the rims of his glasses,  I discover that he’s a first year architecture student from Beijing who will spend the next couple of days in Canada preferably for the Chinese food. Note to self – try Chinese in Canada.

He tells me that he won’t see his family until next summer. Then he pulls the chair out in front of me and motions that I take a seat; I do for the next 30 minutes. He says, “being in a coffee shop is like a riding a bus for two hours, you look outward but all the time you go inward.” Note to self again.

Coffee Shop: Urban Vintage

Location: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

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