Culture Cooler.: One Sexy Foam, A Natural Paper and Monday Coffee, April 18

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the thing he’ll carry

Nearly a dozen years in coffee and more than half a dozen competitions under his specialty coffee belt, Lemuel Butler already decorated with medals of community and astounding human character, added a physical medal to his professional coffee career: United States Barista Champion. Competing in a competition season where The Specialty Coffee Association in association with the Barista Guild of America ushered in a new competition format, as well a new specialty coffee flavor wheel, Lem, as he’s known, powered a conversation before a set of judges in an Atlanta arena on behalf of Counter Culture Coffee, an independent roasting and training company originating in Durham, North Carolina.

Personalizing his routine by bringing in his own words, played a mix of music to a fifteen minute presentation that espousing on the idea of a prototype of greatness – coffee greatness if one will,  led by chance – a random bag  showed up to Counter Culture holding this coffee. Once discovered coaxed by terroir diversity, flavor, local magnolias and fleeting flavors around an act of glass rimming, Butler’s telling of his coffee’s story in a performance that will stand on the back of all the performances that precede his winning moment, in his ultimate act of giving back to a community, it gave back to him:  medal of a lifetime.





In the wonderful natural world out there exists a tree that produces a coffee cherry that is at once the subject of all mankind for one reason or another. For its physical affects, for its industrial impact, for its socio-cultural relevance, for its origins being the cause of a what-if that led to the publishing of a paper – today – by a World Champion Coffee Brewer and a small host of supporting coffee professionals, ”


This paper as outlined in the abstract is a journey into these thoughts,

“whether variations in the , processes of single origin coffee beans affects the particle size distribution upon grinding. We find that the particle size distribution is independent of the bean origin and processing method. Furthermore, we elucidate the influence of bean temperature on particle size distribution, concluding that grinding cold results in a narrower particle size distribution, and reduced mean particle size.”

Have a read of the whole paper, its riveting coffee science and thoughtfully compelling. While the data here can be looked at numerously in the days to follow, a look at cold coffee should definitely be one to watch given these findings.

THREE:  New York, NY

film, The First Monday in May

film, The First Monday in May


A documentary, The First Monday in May, having its debut at Tribeca Film Fest, where films are culturally supported with coffee, screened a film of one of the worlds iconic editors, Anna Wintour. In the documentary, a cup of coffee is reported to be as central a character as she is. Is coffee a prop, fuel, kin? While, coffee physically and can become all these things for the creative set, documenting the lifestyle of one of the definitive voices comes in fashion should include a cup of something caffeinated, don’t you think.

Note: The actual first Monday in May is when the annual Met Gala is held.