USBC 2014 Set List: The Hometown Girl and Five Guests

For fifteen minutes baristas competed with a little piece of heaven, a cherry bean, picked, dried, shipped and roasted. On a grand stage, that heaven was the ultimate nirvana for one woman whose journey to and from the land garnered her the title of United States Barista Champ. She competed among a phenomenal five who were as great at storytelling in their own cultural right. A salute to them all.

Now, a resounding quote paired with their set lists as smdlr was able to hear and document it.


Laila Ghambari

Seattle, WA

Cherry Street

“To be extraordinary these coffees would have to work together.”

1. ‘Aint That Enough for You’, John Davis & The Monster Orchestra

2. ‘Do You Believe,” Poolside

3. ‘The Way You Move’, Social Disco Club & Mala

4. ‘I’m Ready’, Kano


Charles Babinski

Los Angeles, CA

G&B Coffee

“The best qualities of a cappuccino are self-evident.”

1. ‘The Fear’ Ben Howard

2. ‘’Crystal Clear’ Opus Orange

3. ‘Center Stage’ Capital Cities

4. ‘Black Keys’ The Only One


Trevor Corlett

Washington, D.C.

MadCap Coffee Company

“Drinks tell a story…swirl, sniff, sip…”

1. ‘Stay Alive’, Walter Mitty

2. ‘Everyday People’, Arrested Development

3. ‘Heart it Races’, Architecture in Helsinki


Cole McBride

Seattle, WA

PublicUS & Veltons Coffee

“This has been my home for the last 13 years.” 

1. ‘Doin’ It Right’, Daft Punk

2. ‘Queens’, Theesatisfaction

3. ‘Lofticries’, Purity Ring


Camila Ramos

Miami, Florida

Panther Coffee

“What if we could change the perception of flavor?’ 

1. ‘Paper Trails’, Darkside

2. ‘Can I Kick It’ Tribe Called Quest

3. ‘El Bandido’ Nicolas Jarr


Nora Brady

St. Louis, MO

BluePrint Coffee

“Texture is tied to our senses, influencing and evoking emotion.”

1. ‘Smug’ Polica

2. ‘Coffee’ Sylvan Esso

3. ‘Klapp, Klapp’ Little Dragon

4. ‘Rosa Grimes’