Press | Vogue Italia ‘Mechanic Overalls’

Vogue Italia, Mechanic Overalls

Vogue Italia, Mechanic Overalls


I learned how to thrift from the first and best man I know, my father. No matter the place, a yard sale, a garage sale, an estate sale or along someone’s way, our father taught me and my siblings the value of having an eye and how to bargain. Even if something was marked for  $2, my dad would counter for $1. Thank you dad for passing just one of your loves on to me.

And, its just also fun to wear what I love and it get featured in Vogue Italia. A humble thanks to Vogue Italia and the great Stefano Coletti for catching me while working and always asking me to pause.


Overalls: Thrifted in L.A.

Socks: Maceo Paisley Sockwear

Shoes: Marshalls, by someone I dont know

Bag: Handmade Leather purchased in Barcelona, Spain.

Sunnies: Thrifted at New York Chelsea Flea Market

xoCo [hugs and coffee]