WBC Sasa Sestic, Ona Coffee



My twitter Transcript of Sasa Sestic of Ona Coffee’s World Barista Competition Winning Performance.

Up now, #Australia: Finalist No. 4 @SasaSestic of ONACoffee  

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee is a barista and coffee buyer, sharing the ideas of producers.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee to serve better coffees he wanted to do more than just buy best lots.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee speaks of introducing new techniques -irrigation- due to his relationship with a producer

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee a greenhouse system to protect coffee from UV rays – 4% more sugar in his coffee, now espresso.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee works on his beginning shots to ‘Lane Moje’ Zeljko Joksimovic #coffeeandmusic 

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee serving a hybrid, bourbon varietal and details washed carbonic maceration method

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee #WBC2015 stainless steel, carbon dioxide pressurized, absorbed by coffee parchment, flavor!

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee details first sip vibrant, 2nd plums and peach, 3rd medium weight, creamy mouth feel.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee pulls to ‘Cheerleader’ Omi #coffeeandmusic, great horns sounding as he tamps.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee pulls to ‘Cheerleader’ Omi #coffeeandmusic, great horns sounding as he tamps.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee 20.5 g in, 38 g, out for balanced flavors in his espresso.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee is Happy’ as he pulls mixing a natural process and washed carbonic process, w/ a friesian milk

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee slow drying the coffee allows for intact parchment, more sugars on the blend: sweet!

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee because of inconsistencies in processing techniques, looked for answers, looked to winemakers

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee explored washed carbonic maceration process with wine grapes – pressed in stainless container.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee used syrah grapes, 5 ml, to four shots of espresso: raspberries! And, black plums.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee followed by 20 g of ice using soft water, cooled down spro shots – sparkling acidity and blend.

#Australia @SasaSestic of @ONACoffee first sip all about texture, second sparkling acidity, raspberries, stone fruit.

The relationship between farmer and consumer plays new and special roles in coffee chain. #Australia @SasaSestic of ONACoffee