Melbourne > WBC 2013:. A master builder amid a berth of coffee quintuplets


Pete Licata

Parisi Coffee

“I as the barista become the voice of this coffee.”
1. ‘Billie Jean’, Michael Jackson

2. ‘Boogie, Oogie, Oogie” A Taste of Honey


Matthew Perger

St. Ali

“Change may be scary, but chasing that perfect coffee is worth the risk.”

1.’Doin’ It Right’, DaftPunk

2.’Swing Star Part 2′,  Todd Terj

3. ‘Motion Sickness’, Hot Chip


William Hernandez
Viva Espresso

“I want aroma to play a big role in your sensory experience.”

1. ‘Levels’, Avicii

2. ‘Sleep Alone’, Two Door Cinema Club

3. ‘Breath and Life’,  Audiomachine

4. ‘Sirius’, The Alan Parson Project


Colin Harmon

“Specialty coffee is special because it’s progressive.”

1.‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’, Bonnie Tyler

2. ‘Don’t Leave me This Way’, Thelma Houston

3. ‘Funkytown’, Lipps Inc.

4. ‘Sound and Vision’, David Bowie

5. ‘Love of the Common People’, Paul Young


Nick Clark

Flight Coffee

“Its almost our job to act as an ambassador for our coffee.”

1. ‘I Used to Feel Alright’, Elijah Collins & Tee-J

2. ‘Hot in the City’, Billy Idol

3. ‘Howlin’ for You’. The Black Keys

4. ‘Muy Tranquilo Gramatik


Francesco Sanapo

Barista Prima CoffeeHouse

“The life of an espresso is a very important part of our customers, it is the life.”

1. ‘Don’t Stop Me Now,’ Queen

2. ‘Carry On’, Fun

3.‘One Day/Reckoning Song’, Asaf Avidan and the Mojos

4. “Amada Mia, Amore Mio’, Tito Puccio