wellness.: The $210 Coffee Massage That Will Send You Straight to Bliss.

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written by: cnl

Venice, CA

Black Gold.



Wait what? Yes, massage. If you’re only drinking your coffee, it’s time to break the monotony because this is your morning mud reinvented. Find yourself inside of building where the air blows fresh and free and the coffee scrub is coming for you and your skin. 

While the discussion is still brewing over whether it’s three or four cups, butter or coconut oil, one thing is for sure there’s no limit to the benefit of coffee grinds. I’m going to make a literal statement: coffee can heal your woes from head to toe. Okay, now that we’ve covered that, be it coffee infused hair scalp treatments or foot massages with whole coffee beans here’s three places to bring your body and mind right into this new season of spring.

BodyCoffee, promises that their coffee treatments will “slowly incite your muscles into a state of comfort and rest.” While your morning cup is responsible for keeping your eyes open, the good smelling black balm from its coffee grounds can soothe away those puffy eyes too.

This culture knows what you’re thinking. And no, Body Coffee’s treatments aren’t just aromatherapy. They are nourishing, natural and therapeutic wellness – coffee is in the purist sense and by this culture’s humble estimation, a whole body treatment. Leaving nothing to waste and nothing to chance, coffee not only sparks and rejuvenates our day, but generous amounts of the black balm that can exfoliate, untangle knots of stress and shine us up real good.

Chicago knows how to coffee spa. The Boston hotel, The GODFREY offers a three part coffee massage. Eighty minutes of bliss that begin with espresso tickling your nose hairs, liberating your mental from daily worries while scrubbing your physical free of dead cells and the everyday buildup. For those who like a nightcap, Godsprey’s Espresso, Scrub, Rub and Chug at $210 finishes off with an espresso cap. It’s worth a best start to your day. 

As far as fair trade, it isn’t just for pouring. It’s also for your body. RA Organic in Los Angeles, is delivering authentic Balinese spa treatments. Close your eyes and smell the relaxing aroma of Indonesian and Ethiopian beans along with rich coffee filling the air as they detoxify and polish your body.

How will you relax this season? Can a coffee massage be one of your new choices?

Coffee speed.