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I love things handmade. It’s the diversity of hands at work that inspires me. I can watch a slice of bread become toast with a spread of goat cheese, a sprinkle of lavender and drizzles of honey. And, I can carry three natural oils – coconut, olive and palm – for my sensitive skin in one exfoliant soap bar all because of human craft.

Kegworks HandBrewed Coffee Soap

Kegworks HandBrewed Coffee Soap

I asked Kegworks, whose a purveyor of this soap about why they carry it,

“We started carrying the Handbrewed Coffee Soap a couple of months ago, and we’ve been pleased with the response from our customers. Working alongside the craft beer industry, we recognize the importance of small batch, chemical-free products. It’s what a lot of our customers are seeking, and it’s something we believe in.”

I’m a believer. Enjoy a bar for yourself here.