when art + fashion had a coffee date

and then he touched me…
First he touched my printed dress and then my fro-hawk. When I turned around to see who he was, I heard an Italian accent that immediately took me back to my last trip to Italy riding sleeper trains and sipping cappuccino.  A closer look at him, coupled with a lot of camera click going on around him and his companion, and his Instagram came into view, it was my coffee street style follower Alessandro Enriquez -fashion designer, writer and journalist  – of Elle.It, Marie Claire and Vogue to name a few.

Little did I know, that he was BFF’s with the Italian hair-like-goddess Linda Tol, who slayed the New York streets during Fashion Week, with her chic as chic can be hair. In the moment where my ‘aha’ turned into realization, of where I was and who I was with, it was only obvious and inevitable that we take a moment and all have a cameo at the coffee shop.Since I was shooting coffee street style for the before-and-after style of Marc Jacobs  show near Blue Bottle Coffee, I invited them both there to be subjects of my new art experiments – the blind contour sketch.

He obliged and so did she. Then, I got nervous. It was September, and just a couple of weeks into my foray of creating blind contours – drawing sketches of people with one continuous line without looking.  I had no idea how well I could capture them in the cozy space of Blue Bottle, which immediately became packed with photographers rushing in for snap of my subjects.  Alas, here’s the beauty of art and the coffee shop – creating in the midst of a community of people.

As I’m learning, blind contour art is about capturing a feeling and an emotion, as well as the lines of a person. It is so intimate and feeling based, that it can’t be wrong, it’s art and it’s defined by the living moment which I am in. It is so much like coffeetography for me – documenting the essence of a person. And so, this is my tale of how art and fashion walked into the shop – he was like a darling Gepetto and she, la donna bella. To them both, I say Grazie!

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