Where to Coffee, Milan Fashion Week, SS16

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The first time I walked the cobble stone streets of Milan, I knew of El Duomo and it was my destination. I knew not much of coffee, then. However, my aunt who lived within the perimeter of the cathedral suggested a traditional cappuccino at one of her most favored places.   Soon, we were in this miniature space where words like ‘bella’ and ‘grazie’ were quick exchanges, like money, except holding more power. What could be more powerful than money? Connection!  The power of connection is knowing someone has created for you, yes you, an individual.

As we sat and sipped around a table, my first Italian memory of espresso with milk coated my tongue. I remember hearing her stories and in between hearing men coming in for an ‘espresso-oe’ as if the word had an extra ‘o’ on it. The experience was different, it was comforting its a memory that feels as if it happened yesterday.

In the sprit of Milan Fashion Week, this culture proffers four spaces that we think you can visit and have the same experience – a memory that will last years beyond the moments it took to create it.

  1. Self-described as iconic and rightfully so, Pasticceria Marchesi of Milan, more than 200 years old and occupying beautiful real estate on a corner street in the city is as historic as it gets. With a view of Milanos and the 27 carrying locals and tourists a view of the outdoor Via Santa Maria to a suggestion of a praline, a chocolate, panettone and a cappuccino is how we’d handle this coffee date. Afterall, three sweets are better than one.
  2. May the people watching commenced. Take a wicker chair at Sforzesco Cafe on its alfresco walk and order coffee service to stay. Any of the myriad of breads –kranz, crema, vuota and more shall satisfied the desire of ‘un caffe’ that melts its fresh bread inside your mouth.
  3. Caffe, cucina, bar, emporio is Taglio, a quadruple effect on Via Vgevano. Come here for coffee and then some. With a generous menu from aperitivo to pane and pasta, elongating a coffee break into a full on dinner feast is requires no future apologies. Enjoy the ambience of restaurant dining and finishing off the experience with a coffee in the night.
  4.  Think: generous pastries, a seemingly endless spread of printed matter to read, window light and a mid-century couch to take in a break then you have  Refeel.  This seems fit for a midday rest with the option for a quick espresso or a longer pause during a busied day.

Drink up bellas.

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