Where to Coffee, Paris Fashion Week, SS 16

where ever to? the café!

Look no further than those in love with design, space, ambience and the delicacy of enjoying beautifully created, food things than Instagram. As Paris Fashion Week carries on, along the rues of its city inside halls and spaces grand as orchestral music tthere are instagrammers – personalities and accounts – that show us just what all the visual hype is about when it comes to Where to Coffee in Paris, Warning: You might stuff your face; definitely your heart.


Broken Biscuits

broken_biscuits_urban_pixxels _ coffeetographer_instagram_nyfw_ss16

Broken Biscuits, UrbanPixxels, instagram

Because how else could one ever eat a biscuit that could potentially change their life, if they didn’t break it? Thoughts that make us go Yum.


Hexagon Cafe

hexagon, sugarandspiced_coffeetographer_paris_fashion_Week

Hexagon, @sugarednspiced

A lone chair here, feels like the idea place to be in company with a cup and ones thoughts.

Ob La Di Cafe

obladicafe_coffeetographer_ parisfashionweek_ss16

Ob LA Di Cafe, instagram

A little light and the perfect tile goes a long way, all the way to the bottom of spooning a ‘spro.

Steel Coffee Shop


Steel Cycle Wear & Coffee Shop, instagram

You and the two wheel cycle will both get love here. Let’s start with you and a demitasse and wood server of , ‘Espresso and Toast.’ Spread your jam, this is morning pedaling fuel mom that mom will approve.



Telescope, @alice_Gao, instagram

How far can you see? If you need a little help zooming in and focusing on the newly renovated space, there is Alice Gao to help her teal espresso demitasse and coffee on a oval wood table. Looks like this corner is apt for lots of internal warmth.


Bonjour and Au Revoir!

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