Whose Coffee Line Was It Anyway? USBC Kansas City Quoteables.


Over the course of three days, The Specialty Coffee Association held the United States Coffee Championships in Kansas City, Missouri on March 15-17. For one of those events – the U.S. Barista Championship – which this human called across twitter, there were quotable ideas and thoughts expressed on the state of specialty coffee as an industry and a culture.

Enjoy these poignant and witty thoughts, the culture sure will.


  1. “Coffee is an olive branch to people that see it as a sign of gentrification.” Anthony Ragler, Counter Culture
  2. “Coffee asks us to run a marathon, but too often we’re tired and we fall out of love with coffee.” Emily Orendorff, Boxcar Coffee Roasters
  3. “When we love who we serve as much what we serve that’s how we bring people together.” Hugo Cano, Independent
  4. “It takes time to connect someone to coffee.” Naida Lindberg, Verve Coffee
  5. Coffee is a chance to take the chaos in our lives and make meaning out of it for others.” Sam Schaefer, Mockingbird Coffee
  6. “I love coffee, but I’m in it for the relationships.” Cassie Ash, Small Planes DC
  7. “Everything starts somewhere. I don’t know the future of coffee, but I do know where it began, in cafes all over the world, from a little seed.” Samantha Spillman, Dillanos
  8. The people that have invested in me have turned him into a coffee professional.” Dylan Siemens, Onyx Coffee Lab
  9. “Milk drinks are a great educational gateway.” Rodrigo Vargas, Rival Brothers Coffee
  10. “Despite cup score coffee can surprise you.” Naida Lindberg, Verve Coffee
  11. “Drinks even with simple names like cappuccino are only accessible based upon who is controlling the narrative.” Anthony Ragler, Counter Culture Coffee
  12. “There’s a latte ways to name your milk drink.” Jenn Gotthelf, Counter Culture Coffee
  13. “True success is about supporting the communities and individuals around us, not the competitions we win.” Matthew Barahura, Intelligentsia Coffee
  14. “We can’t just go and ask for specialty coffee to be better, we have to make it better.” Hana Kaneshige, Counter Culture Coffee
  15. “Why do you love coffee?” Maxwell Mooney, Narrative Coffee
  16. Coffee is a taste of place, Juan Diaz, Black & White Coffee Roasters
  17. “What if the most important factor in coffee wasn’t manicured trees but a dynamic variable influencing flavor.” Shane Hess, Jubala Coffee
  18. “Producers make the coffee special.” Kay Cheon, Dune Coffee Roasters
  19. “Dreams give us something to work for.” Cole McBride, Ada’s Discovery Cafe
  20. “Think about the coffee you had that changed your world.” Douglas Park, Joyride
  21. “If we want to see more coffees like these coming our way we need to find a way to support our producers.” Milo DeGoosh, Bard Coffee
  22. We talk about elevation but what about temperature?” Meg Skop, Equator Coffees
  23. “We don’t have to turn away from the old to express something new.” says Raechel Hurd, Epoch Coffee
  24. “Sometimes what we’re looking for is something accessible versus something that showcases all that a coffee can be.” Ali Aberderraham, State Street Coffee
  25. “Coffee should not and cannot be faceless.” Morgan Eckroth, Tried and True Coffee Co.
  26. “It’s scary to think of a world without coffee.” Gisel Alvarez, Monarch Coffee
  27. “The milk beverage is all about comfort.” Elisabeth Johnson, Venture Coffee Co.
  28. “Who will produce coffee when [we’re] not around?” T.Ben Fisher, Elixr Coffee
  29. “When I was younger I wanted coffee to be bigger than drinks and tips, I wanted it to support my family.” Andrea Allen, Onyx Coffee Lab
  30. “Coffee isn’t so simple, it’s extraordinary.” Kristi Persinger, Stumptown Coffee Roasters